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*News: =>   Last updated on Oct 18, 2013 :
For ZillaTube version 6 users (check the program version by using the menu Help->About)

Download the updated version from the link shown below, and install it over your existing version:
-> Click here to download the installer version 6.2 <-

Note: In rare cases, some email services (such as hotmail/live/msn/AOL/etc)  may not work.
Use a secondary account(example Gmail), if you haven't received a reply. 
Gmail seems to be very reliable in receiving messages from us.
Also, please check the spam-mail folder as it may have been mistakenly flagged as spam and placed there.

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Oct 18, 2013 - Do read the latest news/update above for help)

------ Short notice ------
If you haven't received any email from us after contacting us:

(1) Ensure you've given us the correct email address so that we can send you the product unlock code. In rare cases, some hotmail/msn/live/AOL emails may not work. 
(2) Do provide us an extra(different) email address when contacting us if your unlock code still hasn't arrived in your inbox.